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Glink is a terminal emulation package chosen by more than 600,000 users world wide when connecting to legacy systems. Glink for iPod/iPhone is an IOS version of Glink. It supports iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices.

Legacy applications running on Bull, IBM, DEC, UNIX and Linux enterprise systems typically have a user interface that supports a legacy terminal. IBM systems typically support 3270 and 5250 terminals, Bull systems support Questar DKU7107 and DKU7211 terminals, VIP7800, VIP7760 and VIP7700 terminals. DEC and UNIX systems support the VTnnn family (VT320, VT220, VT102 etc.). UNIX and Linux systems also support ANSI 3.64 terminals, which offer greater freedom in configuration of the keyboard's function keys.

Glink for iPad/iPhone brings fully functional emulations of all these legacy terminals to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Glink for Android brings fully functional emulations of all these legacy terminals to your Android Tablets and Smartphones.

These products provide you with mobile access to your legacy applications on your enterprise servers. You need make no changes in the legacy applications; you use the standard terminal interface. The legacy applications see no difference between your iPad/iPhone/iPod and PC-based terminal emulators

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