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Host Access

Gallagher & Robertson have developed host access software since the founding of the company in 1982. Our speciality is delivery of 100% software solutions that run on commodity Open Systems platforms, with no additional hardware or software components needed. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that fully utilize the platform's architecture, to give performance limited only by the speed of the system, and not by internal limitations in our solution.

G&R solutions for host access can be divided into three groups, each addressing a given host type: UNIX/Linux, IBM mainframe and Bull mainframe. Access to these host systems from an Open Systems client requires availability of several classes of software on the client:

  • Terminal emulation for users who access legacy applications using a screen-based interface
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used by clients applications
  • File transfer for high speed exchange of data between the host and client
  • Printer emulation for accepting host print output
  • Either a gateway to the system, or support for the standard gateways

We offer powerful, robust and reliable solutions in all these areas for the various hosts types.

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