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Host Links

Host Links is a set of integrated products providing Bull and IBM legacy application access to users in Open Systems networks. Host Links make it possible for you to replace proprietary networks and terminals with commodity network links and workstations, and give them all access to your mission critical legacy applications.


Open Systems servers and commodity network links to your legacy systems reduce your networking costs, avoid training costs associated with proprietary technology and open the way to increased performance, better system monitoring and state of the art security.


Host Links includes server-based terminal emulators, network printer emulators, application programming interfaces, network gateways, load balancing and monitoring tools for users of departmental servers. The products provide connectivity to Bull and IBM legacy applications from UNIX, Linux and Windows environments.

  • Ggate and Gweb are major Host Links products described elsewhere.
  • Gspool is a network printer emulation that receives print from Bull and IBM legacy applications.
  • GUFT is a file transfer manager that exchanges files with UFT on Bull legacy systems.
  • Gproxy is a network monitor that provides load balancing for Host Links servers.
  • Qsim, V78sim and G3270 are UNIX/Linux based terminal emulations for accessing Bull and IBM legacy applications.
  • GlAPI is a set of programmatic interfaces (APIs) for developing client-server applications that access Bull and IBM legacy applications.
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